Have you ever wondered if the 5 a day myth set by governments all over the world is the truth?

Or have we been duped by nutritional experts?

Should we bin the the five-a-day mantra?

According to a scientific study published in the Daily Mail recently modern farming methods have caused a dramatic reduction in essential minerals in our food. Is it looking more like myth than truth!

How many of us realise that our fruit and vegetables were better for us 60 years ago? Certainly that generation remembers how tasty food was!

We are all aware that minerals are very important to our body and soul, after all we are what we eat right?

Sadly, there has been such a dramatic decline in the nutritional value of the very foods that are stressed as vital to maintain health, that we can no longer eat enough on a daily basis to stay healthy. It’s just not possible!

May be this is why food tastes much blander today – crops bred for how nice they look and not for their goodness.

The truth is because of such decline, our bodies aren’t getting what they crave and need.

The 5 A Day Studies

rainbow foods

The study carried out by scientists at Thames Valley University, revealed up to 50% less calcium and 93% less copper in fruit and vegetables.

Runner beans which used to contain a significant amount of sodium, vital for the working of nerves and muscles have almost no trace at all.

Broccoli has 75% less calcium. Spinach has 60% less Iron, and carrots 75% less magnesium.  To give you an idea of how important these nutrients are, just magnesium alone protects us against heart attacks, asthma and kidney stones.

The levels of other important minerals such as iron, phosphorous, and potassium have also plummeted.

Research shows that these nutrients are not only vital to our physical health and protection against disease, but instrumental in balancing brain chemistry and our mental well-being.

So their absence not only impacts on our physical health, but also on our brain chemistry, leading to depression and many other mental conditions.

Minerals are the biggest protectors against serious disease, yet our fresh produce is becoming increasingly low in them.

Is the 5 a Day Theory Enough?

Many experts seem to be of one voice on the fact that 5 a day is not enough to maintain good health.

Nutritionist David Thomas believes that the reduction in nutritional content is a direct result of modern intensive farming which of course uses massive amounts of chemical fertilizer on the soil.

A pizza or a ready made meal could now qualify as 1 of your 5 a day – Oh Really!

The fertilizers encourage plant growth, but at the expense of the minerals. Mr Thomas said, “We are made up of these substances. If they are deficient, then the body cannot cope as well.

“We’re dying prematurely of coronary heart disease and cancer, to which the answer is eat more fruit and vegetables, but at the same time they are changing the value and content of what we are eating” Professor Tim Lang – Center for Food Policy, Thames Valley University….

Scientific Studies Are Startling

Plant breeders are trying to develop tomatoes, carrots and fruit that look nice, resist disease and can stand being shipped half way around the world. They are less concerned about the mineral value and content of our food.


From the evidence available, it’s blatantly obvious that we simply can’t eat enough fruit and vegetables to maintain good health.

To put this into perspective, a bowl of vegetables on the dinner table 60 years ago would have a nutritional value of X.

To reach the same value X now, the bowl would have to be the size of the dining table.

Based on today’s nutritional content, we cannot consume enough volume on a daily basis to maintain good health.

Topping Up Your Shortfall

To top up your short fall of life giving foods, using a high-quality mineral supplement such as Modere Mineral Solutions is a good choice. This supplement gives a real boost to depleted bodies.

Sustaining Good Health

Our stomachs are simply not large enough, so 5 a day really should become 500 a day. This means that sensible mineral supplementation to our diets is not only beneficial, but vital to maintain adequate mineral intake, sustain good health and provide protection against disease.

The chances are if you’re experiencing any form of health challenge the root cause just may be mineral deficiency. Twice winner of the Nobel Prize Professor Linus Pauling said exactly the same thing. It boils down to mineral deficiency.