The Beginnings 

I'm actually a health nerd, nutritionist and an over the top husky lover. After recovering from a bazaar illness that doctors couldn't diagnose, left neglected, brushed off with the label fibromyalgia and fobbed off with opioids. I was determined to find the answers that could turn back the clock from being sick to being healthy and feeling great again.

I honestly tried the natural root taking a huge range of supplements and herbals. Nothing worked until I found Modere Mineral Solutions!

Essentially, Pure BOOtiful was born out of a need to help others! To stop others from suffering unnecessarily with their health.

On my journey, I discovered the power of minerals, and I wanted a way to share them with the world — including you!

I have a lot to share with you, including great health articles, healthy recipes, and DIY creations. I’m excited to join you on your journey. I want you to achieve beautiful health for a lifetime!

Empower Your Body With Nature's Perfect Delivery System

Every cell in your body will thank you!