The amazing thing is healing yourself naturally isn’t difficult.

The father of medicine Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. But during several years of training, a General Practitioner will spend just a few hours on nutrition, and more importantly on how foods can heal.

GP’s do a great job and medicine is amazing right? It sure can be, we all know that especially when we’ve been ill and know we couldn’t have got better without a certain medication.

And, when it comes to ground breaking surgery the skill of many surgeons is nothing short of miraculous.

However, when it comes to the everyday problems that we all face, doctors sometimes struggle to give us healing or even relief from the common conditions that everyone experiences in their family like eczema, asthma, arthritis, back pain, muscular problems or even depression and anxiety.

Many medications just mask the symptoms, like spraying perfume on a corpse, and sometimes cause another problem that requires a further drug to deal with it. And so the cycle of prescription drug dependency starts or continues.

What we all want to do is get to the problem, the root cause, and deal with it there.

Now we’re not saying don’t take medication, no not at all. What we are suggesting is that we have to eat, so we may as well eat foods that heal us rather than harm us.

Make sense?

Healing Yourself Naturally Is In Your Hands

The amazing thing is that the ability to heal yourself is in your hands. There are two major lifestyle changes to overcome whatever health problems you’re facing.

  • Take control of what we are exposed to in our diet and our home environment that impact negatively on our health.
  • Adapt diet and behaviours that impact positively on our health, protect us against disease and even heal us.

What Is Your Enemy?

Some of our enemies can be pollution in air, water, environmental toxins in the home, personal care, chemicals in processed foods, dairy, sugar and wheat, mineral deficiency in fruit and vegetable crops.

Our health friends are all the good stuff that benefits us, aids healing and protects us from the largely chemical home environments we all live in.

The exciting news is we can control at least 70% negativity with some simple changes to our lifestyle This is where the battle for your healing is going to be fought.

We can’t control the levels of pollution in water or air, but we can control the amount of antioxidants in our diet that fight the effects of pollution on our body such as aging and cell damage that may trigger cancer. Especially as our ability to fight free radicals that cause this damage reduces as we get older.

Benefits Of Eating Rainbow Foods

rainbow foods

The rainbow foods are the reds, yellows, purples and dark greens. These are essential and are rich in antioxidants including foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, kale, broccoli, goji berries, blueberries, peppers, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, figs, mulberries, pecans, artichoke, kidney beans and cilantro.

We should include these in our diet wherever possible everyday.

Topping Up Your Shortfall

To top up your short fall of life giving foods, using a high-quality mineral supplement such as Modere Mineral Solutions is a good choice. This supplement gives a real boost to depleted bodies.

Creating A Healthier Home Environment

The majority of cleaning products are laden with harsh chemicals, so reducing them is vital in the battle for good health. Sadly it’s sometimes the most innocent products that are the worst.

  • Air fresheners are laden with phthalates that make the scent linger. These are really not good, and definitely shouldn’t be around young children as they have been linked to liver and kidney problems. Using essential oils to freshen the home takes away that risk.  They not only smell amazingly good, but impact positively on our health.
  • Using a steam mop is brilliant as it eliminates many chemicals not needed in our homes.
  • Carpet freshening powder is lethal for animals and children because they roll around in it, it’s still in the carpet even after vacuuming. Parents wonder why there’s an epidemic of asthma and eczema.
  • There’s also unnecessary and harmful chemicals in laundry powder. This is another area for examination. Look for a manufacture that offers a range of products free from questionable health robbing ingredients.

Personal Care And Immune System Damage

Whether you believe it or not, cosmetic and personal care products are loaded with chemicals and toxins that put a load on your bodies and damage the immune system.  They not only lower our guard against disease, but also create health problems.

Chemicals are so prevalent in personal care that children are now born carrying parabens and other toxins in their systems.

Check out this article on Dirty Dozen Checklist – 12 Common Flagged Ingredients Found In Products. It gives you an idea of what to look out for, but in short, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , PEG’s, Parabens and Phthalates are good starting points.

These chemicals are not good for human beings. They are particularly bad for children and lower the ability to resist and fight health problems.

Eliminating Chemicals In Our Diet

Chemicals In Our Diet

We underestimate our chemical consumption in food today. It is estimated that we consume around 9lbs of chemicals a year in our diet due to our dependence on convenience foods.

Commercially grown fruit and vegetables carry some chemical pesticides so need to be thoroughly washed, which is why organic is always best, but processed foods are the biggest culprit.

Healing yourself naturally means avoiding ready meals, tinned vegetables, processed and convenience foods. Making your own wherever possible is critical to good health and healing. These types of foods are loaded with hidden sugar, salt, glutamate’s and preservative chemicals which really don’t benefit us at all.

When we’re busy it’s all too easy to take a short cut when cooking, but preparing your own meals isn’t that difficult and takes no more time in many cases.

Mineral Deficiency In Fruit And Vegetables

Minerals are the most vital part of our diet. They protect us against cancer, heart disease, dementia, and many every day ailments such as eczema asthma and allergies, and nothing works without them.

The last 60 years has seen the mineral content of our crops plummet due to modern farming and pesticides, and organic produce does not escape this sad fact.It’s interesting that over the same period of time, the incidence of cancer heart disease diabetes, dementia and also the everyday ailments such as asthma and eczema, all types of allergies and even diabetes in children have rocketed .Minerals make things happen, but vitamins will not work in the absence of minerals so a mineral rich diet is one of the first steps on the journey to self healing.

Two organic food supplements we recommend are:

The Essence Of A Strong Immune System

It’s no coincidence that chronic diseases went off the charts with the introduction of processed foods. These processed foods can be anything from bread, cereals, cakes and biscuits, sauces, cows milk, margarine, certain salts, sugar, soya and much more.

Cool Tip: Eliminating processed foods from your diet is a big step in your fight to be well.

Healing yourself naturally requires eating healthy, and the good news is there are some great colourful natural foods that can help us do just that. Incredibly there are also some great supplements to boost our immune system as well.

When it comes to ground breaking surgery the skill of many surgeons is nothing short of miraculous, but when it comes to the everyday problems that we all face, doctors sometimes struggle to give us healing or even relief from the common conditions that everyone experiences in their family.

Why Gut Flora Matters

Our gut flora constitutes around 70% of our immune system, so it’s vital our gut flora is in tip top condition to protect us against nasties like harmful bacteria, microbes, and other harmful pathogens.

The gut also regulates the inflammatory immune response the balance of which is vital if we want an immune system that tackles the bad stuff appropriately without over reacting and causing us problems such as eczema and arthritis.

Studies have found that changes in diet that benefit gut flora can have an almost immediate positive effect.

Another way of boosting gut flora is to consume lots of fermented foods. Today most vegetables are preserved by canning or freezing; but before Jesus the Greeks wrote about the health benefits of fermented vegetables, the Romans used sauerkraut to treat and prevent intestinal infections, and Captain Cook used sauerkraut and lime juice to prevent scurvy on his three-year journey around the world.

Fermented vegetables are packed with vitamins, and are an amazing help in the growth of friendly bacteria. They help produce stomach acid, are a potent digestive aid, and produce compounds that kill harmful bacteria and microbes.

You can easily ferment vegetables at home with a little salt water and patience or buy sauerkraut at the local supermarket, but home made is always best, and it is amazingly good for the gut.

The gut is the most commonly overlooked ally we have in the maintenance of good health, regulation of immune response and protection against serious disease, and yet it’s the easiest to maintain and the fastest to respond to positive changes in our diet.

So there you have it.  A sample of the bad stuff that hurts us and the good stuff that helps with healing yourself naturally!