What’s with insulin resistance and is it a losing battle to feeling well again?

Are our sicknesses a label for something Dr’s haven’t quite fathomed yet?

Could the problem be a carb issue? Too much sugar?

Could it be if everyone cut out or even lowered their carbs, starches and sugars the hospitals would be empty!

People’s testimonials on the internet suggest when they eat a high fat, high protein, carb-free diet they’ve experienced the best pain reliever ever.

And, it doesn’t stop there. People have also experienced appetite suppressant, cholesterol levels normalised, blood pressure normalized, sugar levels normalized…diabetes and low sugar shakes gone, triglycerides normalized, clogged arteries gone, cancer gone, candida gone, sleep patterns normalized, energy increase, and many have completely come of their prescription medications.

Could it be that the keto diet is the drug companies worst nightmare?

The results and the testimonials on the internet of people having eliminated carbs, sugar and starches are amazing. Surely there has to be something special about this diet, especially when people don’t need their prescription medications anymore.

Insulin Resistance vs Carbohydrate Intolerance

The is no difference, it’s two terms with the same meaning. However, the correct terminology is insulin resistance, what drives it is carbohydrates.

There’s one minor exception, carbohydrate intolerance can be mistaken for Fybromyalgia because carbs can cause intense inflammation and pain in the body.

At the time of writing this article, no studies have been conducted to prove that carbohydrates are the leading cause of Fybromyalgia. However, there are many people who have tried the process of elimination and have found carbs to be the culprit.

More often than not we are a product of what we eat, or should we say what we don’t eat.

Beginning Of Feeling Unwell?

Whenever you eat anything that’s a carbohydrate your body turns into sugar, and so your pancreas takes a beating whether you’re overweight or slim. That little organ below your liver releases insulin to keep your blood sugar at a certain level.

Insulin is a hormone that your body uses to drive sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscles to use as energy. And, insulin also drives sugar and fat into your fat cells to store for energy between meals and while you sleep.

Insulin is normal and healthy and life giving, but for some people if they’ have insulin resistance / carbohydrate intolerance, then it can be a real problem.

If your diet consists of carbs ie sugary foods, starches etc, then the sugar from those foods is thrown into your muscles and all your organs. This causes fatigue, inflammation in joints, muscle pain, migraines or headaches, and even makes you gain weight easier. All this is a sign that your body is saying ‘No more, no thank you.’

In essence, your organs resist the drive of insulin to force sugar into them, which can be very dangerous. Once you eat carbs, your body is looking for a way to dump it, so your pancreas makes more insulin to force these resistant cells to accept the sugar.

Now there’s a problem, when insulin levels are high in your body, you start to feel unwell and suddenly you start to feel very unwell, which can last for hours if not days or even weeks.

Are Carbs Stopping You Losing Weight?

insulin resistance

The problem goes even further for those that are looking to lose weight. The more insulin you release and the longer your insulin level stays up, the more of those carbs you just ate is locked up in your fat cells, and can’t be burned as energy. Hence no weight loss!

The interesting thing is if you don’t eat any food ie fast from carbs all together, what does the body eat? It eats up your fat reserves because there’s nothing else to eat. When you’re starving from fasting, your own belly fat supplies 85% of your energy needs, hence the reason why people feel better when they fast.

When we eat right, we can turn things around and bring about a change in our health. Eating a keto or a low carb diet can break this cycle and restore your digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. Eventually, our gut will restore itself and it will free us from food cravings, help to re-balance our system, and lose weight, which all in turn makes you feel fantastic again.

Reversing Feeling Unwell & Feel Fantastic Again

If you’re sick, then fasting for a day or two will detox you quicker than limiting foods. Afterwards, limit your foods to first green vegetables, then progress onto fish and meat, preferably organic…these are the most hypoallergenic foods. Afterwards when your feeling happy with your results test other veggies that are low in sugar before introducing fruits. Fruits can include strawberries, raspberries, papaya, avocado, limes, lemons…these fruits are low in sugar.

You should give it a few days (ie 3-4) when testing foods to be sure you can tolerate what you’re introducing. This website provide many recipes to help you get started.

Once you’ve have a grip on your intolerance’s or allergies, it will have to be maintained. Unfortunately, carbohydrate intolerance can’t be totally reversed, but the good news is however, once it’s under control and you feel well, you can occasionally eat your favourite refined carb. Occasionally does not mean every day, but may be each Sunday or the 1st day of each month. Your treat day is for you to decide so long as you stay well, pain free and symptom free.

Using A High-Quality Mineral Supplement

To top up your short fall of life giving foods, using a high-quality mineral supplement such as Modere Mineral Solutions is a good choice. This supplement gives a real boost to depleted bodies.