For us, Modere Mineral Solutions is the answer to a busy lifestyle that all too often results in poor nutrition, both for ourselves and our families.

The truth is, life is busy busy busy and none of us have time these days to juice a ton of organic fruit and prepare precise portions every day to keep the family fit and healthy. I don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t know where to start to figure out the correct balance of minerals, vitamins and important nutrients needed.

Luckily, we have the award winning Modere experts that can do that for us. Don’t get us wrong, we love fresh fruit, but we’ve found juicing a laborious and expensive process, and making sure everyone gets the correct nutrients they need isn’t easy. Particularly when there is a huge question mark over the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables these days.

That’s why we love this product. It sits quite happily and conveniently in the fridge, and instantly gives a daily broad spectrum, balanced shot of naturally sourced nutrients the family needs to stay healthy.

In one little serving of 15ml per day, there’s a wide range of ingredients in a unique blend of 74 minerals, vitamins, macro nutrients, amino acids, anti-oxidants, essential B-vitamins, phytochemicals and fruit juices.

Oh, and there’s more! Fulvic acid, colloidal silver, and electrolytes; all in an ionic suspension and with its high ORAC value it’s a fab way to supplement the nutrient shortfall.

Minerals are necessary for three main reasons: building strong bones and teeth, controlling body fluids inside and outside cells and turning the food you eat into energy.

Why Use Modere Mineral Solutions?

The health benefits from using Mineral Solutions have been astounding to say the least, as you will read below, but there is a more serious underlying reason for using this highly absorbable broad spectrum product.

It’s no secret that our soil has been so over-farmed since the end of the war that it has left it virtually drained of any health giving nutrients.

No nutrients in the soil means no nutrients in our food. Minerals are the building blocks of life, and play an important part in protecting our health. Without them vitamins are difficult to absorb, and it leaves us open to sickness and health issues.

It is estimated that essential minerals in our fruit and vegetables have dropped between 50 and almost 100% in certain crops in our lifetime.

Add to this our modern lifestyle, and a diet of convenient processed foods, make it impossible to consume all the vital nutrients our body needs to protect against disease and maintain good health. Even if you are cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients every day, you still can’t get the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

These statistics are quite shocking to say the least; so with that in mind, is there any wonder why so many of from young to old are experiencing more and more health issues today?

Minerals are the biggest protectors against serious disease, yet our fresh produce is becoming increasingly low in them. Add to that the fact that our bodies only absorb around 8% of the majority of the mainstream supplements on the market, which can be an exercise in disappointing results and money wasted as with many products myself and my family have tried.

Have you been there? It’s so disappointing when supplements don’t deliver. ​

Benefits for Us Thus Far

We were first introduced to Modere Mineral Solutions in 2016 on the recommendation of a friend, as at the time, even though we were eating what we thought was an extremely healthy diet, we were experiencing low energy, pain and stiffness in my arms and legs, and also migraine headaches.

We started taking Mineral Solutions every day, and suddenly, NOTHING HAPPENED, but we were reassured that it would take a little while to get into my system and start working. The first thing we noticed a few weeks in, was that it gave us more energy. Next, the pain in Sharon’s arms and legs reduced, and she hadn’t had a migraine in weeks.

Steve also had an amazing benefit after his optician advised him to visit his GP, of which she suspected high blood pressure. After 30 days of taking Modere Mineral Solutions, Steve’s blood pressure normalised while waiting for test results, much to the absolute astonishment of his GP. The changes were so subtle, yet at the same time life changing, and the reason why this website exists. We cannot sing this product’s praises loudly enough!

Our little dog Lola loves Mineral Solutions too. She had a very bad skin allergy and ear infection, with the vet’s recommendation being antibiotics which really didn’t seem to work

Eventually, we tried her on Mineral Solutions. It worked for us, why not the dog? Guess what? Within a few weeks her problem completely disappeared!

A teaspoon every morning added to her food resulted in one very happy and healthy spaniel!

It’s Easy to Take and Tastes Fab Too!

Modere Mineral Solutions counters your dietary shortfalls, and it’s easy to take. It’s great to mix with fruit or vegetable juice, your smoothie or enjoy it on its own. For those of you that hate taking pills or capsules, it’s a perfect way to get the nutrients you need because it comes in a convenient liquid suspension that the body can easily digest, absorb and get to work boosting your system and start getting you back to beautiful!

Does it Work?

In all honesty, we’re amazed at how quickly after starting to take this daily little shot of goodness myself, my family and others are seeing changes.The first noticeable changes were a real and noticeable increase in energy and alertness, better sleeping patterns, hair and skin in better condition. Being able to grow nails properly for the first time was a very welcome added bonus!

Within 30 days we had increased energy, better digestion, and a drop in cholesterol and blood pressure much to my GP’s amazement!. A simply life changing product, wouldn’t be without it!